Cross-cultural Communication and Engagement

KBC helps western organisations and individuals improve the way they communicate with indigenous people through:

Outcomes-oriented business and government are realising that poor communication with Indigenous people has disabled negotiations, skewed consultative processes and contributed to disappointing results on both sides of the cultural divide.

Many managers, negotiators and legal specialists with outstanding communications skills in a western environment find that Standard English, written documents and meeting procedures do not often transfer effectively to an Indigenous context. These same professionals are realising that genuine and effective engagement can only occur if communication fundamentals are addressed.

KBC helps organisations improve their communication at several levels:

Indigenous Communications Planning

Indigenous Communications Planning begins with an analysis of the communications context in which you or your organisation is operating. What is the basis of your relationship with Aboriginal people? What is its purpose? What is the socio-linguistic context in which this relationship will play out and what is the historical context of your activity? How will these matters influence the way that Indigenous people understand your actions? Once these types of questions are detailed KBC will assist you to develop a communications plan that outlines how information will pass between you and the people you are engaged with over time.

Indigenous Communications Tools

Chances are that your engagement with Indigenous people will consist of a series of discussions concerning a sequence of topics or issues. Each of these encounters can be improved through the use of a range of communications tools specific to the topics and issues on the agenda. KBC has considerable experience in developing effective tools to communicate complex business and legal concepts to Indigenous people. These tools are often a combination of graphics, Plain English (PE) scripts and interpreters. Increasingly multimedia, animation and virtual reality are being usefully enlisted to communicate specific content to a non-Standard English speaking audiences without reliance on literacy or numeracy.

Plain English Development and Training

One of the communications tools that has proven its worth over the years is Plain English. Through our sister company, Keogh Bay Training, KBC can provide training for your employees in writing plain English suitable to Indigenous audiences. Alternatively, we can work with you to draft the required materials.

KBC also has experience and expertise in drafting plain English legal agreements for both Indigenous and mainstream audiences.

Cultural Awareness Review and Design

KBC directors have undertaken many projects reviewing, developing, managing and delivering cultural awareness training in resource businesses, in collaboration with Traditional Owners.

We specialize in ensuring that cultural awareness training is designed against a set of clear operational business requirements and ensuring that it addresses the types of cross-cultural issues that your employees face on a regular basis.
cross-cultural communication and engagement