Business Development

Strategic planning, organisational review and Indigenous contractor support

Keogh Bay Consulting recognises that the nurturing and development of new businesses is a critical element in generating both employment outcomes and the long-term economic advancement of local people. With this in mind, KBC has worked successfully in recent years with government departments, mining companies and Indigenous corporations to develop sustainable businesses across Western Australia.

Services that Keogh Bay Consulting can provide are as follows:

Business Analysis and Viability Reviews

Undertaking business analysis reviews and viability reviews of businesses to establish the financial health of the organisation, identify key strengths and weaknesses and working respectfully with management to develop strategies for long term success.

Administrative and Managerial Capacity Building

Assisting businesses build their internal administrative and managerial capacity through developing and establishing appropriate internal processes and providing tailored training packages where required.

Prequalification Support

Assisting businesses to develop and implement the internal systems and processes needed to comply with the vendor prequalification requirements of the mining, construction or oil & gas industries.

Business and Strategic Planning

Facilitating the development of business plans and strategic plans for health providers, businesses and corporations.

Development of Budgets, Tenders and Business Cases

Assisting businesses in the development of annual financial budgets, tender submissions and business cases.

Board Governance

Strengthening the corporate governance arrangements in place at businesses and corporations through review of existing arrangements, identification of areas for improvement and board workshops to develop appropriate solutions.

If you wish to discuss any of the Keogh Bay services listed above then please contact Jonathan Price on 0423765437 or
business development