Access and Disability Services

Keogh Bay aims to support diversity in the workplace through our consulting and training services; whether this is through developing effective Indigenous employment strategies, or planning for local employment in Mongolia, an abiding theme in our work is diversity. Diversity in the workplace means a workforce that reflects the profile of the wider community, in age, gender, culture and increasingly, providing opportunities for people with a disability.

Keogh Bay Training is focused on delivering high quality training programs in the area of access and disability while Keogh Bay Consulting offers sophisticated planning, review and analysis services.

Training programs in the area of access and disability are managed (and delivered) by Jamie Dunross, a Paralympic gold medalist and renowned ocean sailor. Consulting services are led by Jonathan Price, a former leader of KPMG’s Health and Human Services Practice in Western Australia. Together they can help your organisation:

  • Develop a strategy to become a better employer of people with a disability.
  • Review disability services and organisations.
  • Develop strategies to improve the viability and sustainability of organisations providing disability support or employment services.
  • Assess the readiness of your workplace to employ people with disabilities, including access audits and support.
  • Help your town become disability-friendly.
  • Prepare your employees for disability employment through disability awareness training.
  • Develop the skills of your leaders to manage teams that include people with disabilities.
  • Motivate people to get involved and make change.
  • Mentor and support disabled employees entering the workplace.


Jamie (centre) accepts the gold medial in the mixed three person sonar sailing event, Sydney 2000

Keogh Bay Training – Programs

Keynote speeches, talks and presentations

Following his success in the 2000 paralympics and his record-breaking circumnavigation of Australia in 2010 Jamie has gained a reputation as a dynamic and motivating speaker. Jamie’s presentations cover mine safety, trauma recovery, living with a disability and overcoming the odds – his talks are in demand at schools, conferences, clubs and business events around Australia.


Jamie oversees wheelchair activities as part of a disability awareness workshop

Disability Awareness program

In KBT’s disability awareness program, Jamie covers the barriers to communication between abled-bodied and disabled people, the business case for disability employment, disability recruitment and retention and the labour market – all through entertaining and challenging activities and stories. The program is half a day long.


Jamie is also available to act as a mentor for employees with a disability who need support to integrate into the workplace, develop confidence and teamwork skills

Keogh Bay Consulting – Services

Keogh Bay Consulting provides a range of planning, review and analysis services in the area of disability. KBC director Jonathan Price has extensive experience in the review and analysis of organisations in the disability sector. Jamie is able to assist businesses with accessibility assessments and employment strategies. The following list summarise our services:

  • Disability Employment strategies – a clear plan for improving your organisation’s recruitment and retention of disabled employees.
  • Access audits – an assessment of your facilities to identify access issues for employees or clients in wheeled transport (including prams and scooters); with a vision impairment or other disability. Each audit comes with least cost recommendations for addressing gaps.
  • Organisational review – KBC has conducted a number of reviews of organisations providing services to people with disabilities, to determine such factors as value for money and whether the organisation is conforming to its charter and funding agreements.


Competition in Athens paralympics, Jamie on the helm

Our Team

Jamie Dunross, OAM is an Australian sailor and disability advocate. He was born in Melbourne. A former miner, he became a quadriplegic after a high pressure water pipe explosion at a gold mine just outside Meekatharra. He cannot use his legs, and has very restricted use of his arms. He dealt with depression for five years after the accident. It was his passion and love of sailing that helped him recover and chart a new course as a person with a disability.

In 2000, he won the North American championship for disabled persons in St. Petersburg, Florida with Noel Robins and Graeme Martin, in preparation for the 2000 Sydney Games.


Competition in Athens paralympics, Jamie on the helm

At the games, he won a gold medal with Robins and Martin in the Mixed Three Person Sonar event, for which he received an OAM for services to his country. He also competed in the same event at the 2004 Athens Games, gaining a creditable 5th place. In 2010, he became the first person with quadriplegia to circumnavigate Australia unassisted. He has two children.

Jamie joined the Keogh Bay team in 2013 as an avenue for sharing his knowledge and experience with a wide range of people and organisations.

Jonathan Price is a chartered accountant with over 14 years’ experience in providing advisory services to government and private sector clients. He worked for KPMG for over 10 years leading KPMG’s Health and Human Services practice in Perth until he joined KBC in 2010. Jonathan has specialised in providing business support services and undertaking strategic reviews of businesses and community-based organisations across Australia.

Jonathan has undertaken a number of performance reviews of disability services providers during his time with Keogh Bay (see above) and prior to joining Keogh Bay he undertook a large number of reviews of such services. These include:

Contact Details

For further information please contact:

Jonathan Price on or 0423 765 437
Jamie Dunross on or 0439 529 520
access and disability services