Employment and Training Projects

Strategies, Programs and Systems

Here is a list of recent employment and training projects undertaken by KBC:

Review of Indigenous Employment and Training in Pilbara (2011)

A KBC team undertook a comprehensive review of a large Australian resource company’s Indigenous employment and training arrangements in the Pilbara. This was a complex and sensitive engagement that involved extensive consultation with internal and external stakeholders. The outcome of the review was a roadmap to organisational improvement and a new approach to Indigenous engagement and employment in the Pilbara.

Review of Indigenous Employment and Training, and Development of an Indigenous Employment Best Practice Guide (2011)

KBC assisted a major Australian Oil and Gas company to develop a best practice model for Indigenous training and employment that will guide the planning of EPCMs and major contractors.

Development of an Indigenous Employment model and Implementation plan (2011 and 2012)

A KBC team undertook a project on behalf of an emerging Iron ore producer based in the Pilbara, WA. The intent of the project was to develop, in collaboration with key business leaders and local Aboriginal people, a strategy for the employment of local Aboriginal people and a plan for the implementation of this strategy.

Mongolia – Employment and training scoping study (2012)

This review involved a KBC team travelling to Mongolia to evaluate the applicability of Australian approaches to pre-employment or work readiness training on behalf of a major mining company operating in Mongolia.

Apprentice Program review for a major resource company (2009 and 2012)

KBC conducted a review of a large Australian resource company’s Apprentice Training Program in 2009 and provided a report detailing the outcomes of this review. The report included an addendum that focused on how to improve participation rates for Indigenous people. In 2012 Mark Simpson conducted a review into international best practice in apprentice training for the same company, and combined this with an analysis, report and roadmap into how to transition the company’s apprentice program to achieve best practice.

Established Indigenous work readiness, education, community development and business development in a major corporation (2008-2009)

Mark Simpson established the Indigenous Work Readiness, Education, Community Development and Business Development team and function for a major resource-company. During this time Mark worked a part time role (.7) to establish and manage this team and its functions.

Review Pipeline Talent Pathways for major resource company (2012)

KBC conducted a review and SWOT analysis of existing pipeline talent pathways and sponsorship initiatives for a major international resource company.

Generic Cultural Awareness Course Development and Training of Presenters (2012)

KBC worked with a major international resource company and Traditional Owners to develop their generic cultural awareness training package, and then provided training for Traditional Owner and internal presenters in delivery.

Archaeological Assistants Training Course Review and Development (2011 and 2012)

KBC was engaged in mid-2011 by a large resource company in the Pilbara to review existing course competencies, and identify their relevance to the current situation and needs, gaps in program and content, and develop a revised program.

Trade Training Centres, Hedland, Newman and Clontarf (2011 and 2012)

KBC was engaged by a large Australian resource company to engage with, create alignment amongst, and secure commitments from industry in the local regions in support of high quality training and employment preparation for students enrolled in the Trade Training Centres. KBC advised on skills shortages and required standards; safety, competencies and work practices. We secured commitments from industry stakeholders to participate as appropriate in the training and employment preparation of the trainees, and to employ graduates annually.

Skills Audit – Pilbara Language Group (2011)

A KBC team conducted a skills audit and gap analysis of members of a Pilbara Traditional Owner group for a major international oil and gas company so that a database of their existing skills was established, and gaps between existing skills and available employment on a major upcoming project could be addressed with relevant and timely training.

Agreement Training Needs Assessment (2011)

KBC undertook a project for a large Pilbara resource company to systematically identify their existing agreement commitments and responsibilities, and conduct a training needs analysis to identify the level of understanding, awareness and competence needed for the various roles within the company, and then recommend a training regime to make sure that all those who needed training or information awareness in the business were covered.