Cross-cultural Communication and Engagement Projects

Here is a list of recent cross-cultural communication, cultural awareness and engagement projects undertaken by Keogh Bay:

Review of a Rio Tinto Alcan – Weipa’s Cultural Awareness Training (2013)

Keogh Bay Training undertook a wide-ranging review of RTA Weipa’s Cultural Awareness training program, including its compliance with the company’s agreement requirements, the extent to which it achieved key operational objectives, participant feedback, facilitation and sustainability. Matt Wrigley and Katrina Savo spent a week interviewing Traditional Owners and representatives of Traditional Owner organisations, RTA Weipa leaders and employees about their perceptions or the program.

Matt Wrigley and Katrina Savo during the Weipa CAT review

The review recommended a unique CAT delivery model that blended a strong positive bush trip experience; the use of external specialist providers; leveraging off skills and knowledge of Indigenous employees and a curriculum of optional topics allowing teams in the organisations to choose the training that meets their current needs.
In 2014, we are working with RTA and Traditional Owners to implement aspects of the model.

Review of Indigenous organisation’s cultural awareness training service (2011)

A major resource company funded a KBC strategic review of the capability and suitability of a leading Indigenous organisation’s Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) business line. The objectives of the review were to strengthen the service delivery capacity of the CAT team, improve the presentation skills of CAT presenters, refine and improve the content of the training courses and tailor training to meet the specific needs of the organisation’s clients.

The reviews led to an expansion of the CAT contract for the Indigenous training organisation.

Northern Minerals Community Engagement (May 2013)

Old camp at Mardiwa Loop, Halls Creek established in the early 80s following eviction from stations

Keogh Bay Consulting assisted Northern Minerals, an exploration company developing a rare earths prospect in the south east Kimberley to conduct a series of community forums with Aboriginal community members in May 2013.
KB helped Northern Minerals:
• Develop Plain English brochures and presentations suitable to people speaking English as a second language.
• Hire a local Aboriginal liaison officer to assist with the running of the meetings.
• Work with the liaison officer to publicise the meetings and arrange logistics

• Assist the Liaison officer to understand and interpret aspects of Northern Minerals presentation
• Meet key people in Halls Creek and gain an understanding of Halls Creek history
• Record the results of these meetings
Two meetings were run in Halls Creek and Kundat Jaru community with over 65 people attending the Halls Creek meeting and 50 at Kundat Jaru.

Facilitated development of collaborative cultural awareness training package between three Aboriginal groups on behalf of resource company (2008)

A major Pilbara resource company had agreements with three different Traditional Owner groups. These groups had never before worked together on the development and delivery of cultural awareness training. KB worked with the groups to identity the key elements that they believed should be part of a CAT program in line with agreement requirements; and then helped the groups develop a collaborative delivery arrangement and put it into action.

Developed cultural awareness template and implementation plan for major company (2009-10)

KB has assisted a major government agency to develop their strategy to deliver cultural awareness training across the organisation.