Business Development Projects

Strategic planning, organisational review and Indigenous contractor support

Here is a list of recent business development projects undertaken by KBC:

MG Corporation – Completion of financial due diligence in respect of a potential purchase of a caravan and camping business (2015)

Keogh Bay director Jonathan Price undertook financial due diligence work in respect of a potential business purchase by MG Corporation in the Kimberley in 2015. This involved analysis of income and expenditure trends as well as detailed analysis of the financial position of the business under review.

Triodia Mining – Business mentoring and support Project (2014-16)

This project involved Keogh Bay working with Goldfields Aboriginal business, Triodia Pty Ltd, to develop a business plan and capability statement and provide general business mentoring support for a 6-month period to transition from a joint venture model of service provision to being a stand-alone operator of a light vehicle workshop at a large Western Australian Gold-Mine. The outcome of this project is that robust business and transition plans were developed and Triodia Mining has successfully transitioned from JV to stand-alone status. Keogh Bay continues to provide mentoring support.

Development and delivery of small business workshop materials – Small Business Development Corporation (2015)

Keogh Bay developed workshop materials and participant’s books for ‘Contracting, Tendering and Prequalification’ and ‘Developing your Business Management Skills’ workshops on behalf of SBDC. In 2015, we also delivered these workshops to small business owners across the Pilbara and Midwest.

Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation – Completion of a Business Feasibility study and Business Plan for the AshOil Business Line (2014)

Keogh Bay undertook a feasibility study and developed a business plan in respect of the establishment of a new waste engine oil recycling business in the Pilbara. The outcome was a feasibility analysis report which provided the owners with detailed advice in respect of the significant opportunities and risks associated with the proposal.

Kullarri Building – Completion of a Business review (2017)

Keogh Bay recently completed a business review of Broome-based Indigenous business Kullarri Building. This project involved reviewing the existing business model and strategic plan of Kullarri Buidling with a view to identifying areas for improvement that will improve future profitability and organisational sustainability.

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – Completion of a Feasibility Study of the establishment of a Roadhouse business in Wyndham (2015)

This project involved a Keogh Bay team undertaking a feasibility review on behalf of an Aboriginal business owner into the viability of establishing a start-up new roadhouse business in the town of Wyndham in the East Kimberley. This proposal did not prove to be feasible and the business owner therefore avoided investing large amounts of money in a project that would (in all likelihood) not be viable in the long-term.

Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation (KMAC) – Completion of Business Feasibility Studies (2013)

A KBC team recently completed business feasibility studies on behalf of KMAC which sought to establish the feasibility of establishing a Cultural Awareness Training business and a Cultural Heritage Survey business on K&M country in the Pilbara. This project involved significant consultation with Kuruma and Marthudunera people as well as the mining companies that would be the clients for such a service.

Development of a business feasibility study for a new Indigenous business in the Pilbara (2011)

In this review funded by a major resource company, KBC worked with a Pilbara Traditional Owner to develop a feasibility study in respect of a prospective painting business in the Pilbara.

Review of Indigenous Service Provider in Newman (2012)

KBC recently undertook an organisational review of an organisation in Newman funded by a large Australian resource company to provide employment and support services to local Indigenous people in the town. This project involved significant research and consultation activities with local Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders.

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) Organisational reviews of Australian Disability Enterprises in the Northern Territory, Victoria and Western Australia (2012-13)

KBC have recently undertaken a number of organisational reviews of disability employment services funded by FaHCSIA. These services have been based in Western Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory and the reviews cover assessment of the financial position and performance of the organisation, the extent to which they provide meaningful employment to people with a disability and development of strategies for strengthening the financial performance of the organisations in future.

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations – Provision of business support and mentoring services to Indigenous Job Services Australia service providers (2010-11)

KBC Director Jonathan Price led a national KPMG project to provide business review and mentoring services to Indigenous Job Services Australia (JSA) services across the country. The engagement involved Jonathan visiting and undertaking reviews at Indigenous JSA businesses in Tom Price, Derby and Perth in Western Australia and Lismore in NSW. The reviews covered areas such as business planning, financial management, financial viability, governance and human resource arrangements.

Indigenous Business Australia – Indigenous Business Prequalification Support Project – Scoping study. (2012)

This project involved a KBC team consulting with major resource companies, government departments and Indigenous business owners to investigate options for better supporting Indigenous businesses in gaining entry to work in the Australian resource sector.

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) – Indigenous Business Prequalification Support Project (2012-13)

This major Indigenous business support project involved a KBC team consulting with major resource companies, government departments and Indigenous business owners to investigate options for better supporting Indigenous businesses in gaining entry to work in the Australian resource sector. The project resulted in the development of a high quality ‘Prequalification Toolkit’ for use by Indigenous businesses in achieving prequalification with resource companies in Australia.

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) Indigenous Prequalification Support Project – (2013)

KBC was contracted by IBA to roll out prequalification support workshops and business mentoring across South Australia and Western Australia.

South West Aboriginal Medical Service – Strategic Planning Project (2013)

KBC recently worked with SMAMS on the development of a Strategic Plan for the organisation for the three years to 2016.

Western Australian Department of Health (Aboriginal Health Directorate) – Value for Money reviews of funded Aboriginal health programs (2012)

KBC recently undertook value for money reviews of a number of State Government funded Aboriginal health programs including:

Development of a database of Aboriginal Men’s Health services across Western Australia on behalf of the Western Australian Department of Health (2012)

KBC undertook a significant consultation project on behalf of the WA Department of Health to develop a database of Aboriginal Men’s Health Services in Western Australia. This project involved consultation with Aboriginal and generic health service providers across Western Australia. The outcome was that for the first time the Department has a reliable database of Men’s health programs and services across the state which has been used to inform the implementation of an Indigenous Men’s Health Strategy.

South West Aboriginal Medical Service – Delivery of Corporate Governance training (2013)

KBC Director’s Jonathan Price and Mark Simpson recently delivered a corporate governance training session to the Aboriginal directors of SWAMS in Bunbury, WA.

Development of a Strategic Plan for Education in the town of Roebourne, WA Department of Education (2012)

KBC recently undertook a review of education services in the Western Australian town of Roebourne on behalf of the Department of Education, funded by Rio Tinto, Woodside and the Department of Education. The town’s education service has performed poorly over recent years and this review was designed to:

Facilitation of Local Indigenous Groups’ Implementation Planning with major Pilbara Resource Company

KBC Director, Mark Simpson, worked with a major Pilbara resource company and Pilbara Traditional Owner groups to facilitate implementation and planning activity related to their agreements.