Kuruma Marthudunera Skills Audit completed

Jan 16th 2015

Keogh Bay has just completed the Kuruma Marthudunera Skills Audit on behalf of Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation (KMAC). Now KMAC has a comprehensive picture of the skills, aspirations and challenges in the lives of 150 members through comprehensive interviews with the Keogh Bay team.

This detailed understanding enables KMAC to:

  • Effectively formulate long term strategy;
  • Develop targeted programs and support founded on the real needs of members;
  • Provide individual case management to better enable community members to achieve their employment aspirations;
  • Automatically generate resumes and promote members to potential employers; and
  • Measure the outcomes in the long term.


Looking down on Karratha from the Yaburara Heritage trail. Karratha, Roebourne and Wickham are home for many Kuruma Marduthunera members

Keogh Bay has conducted a number of skills audits for Traditional Owner groups based on a sophisticated set of survey tools and analysis techniques. Our team works through our established networks, local residents or traditional owners to locate and connect with members – even those who may be relatively disengaged from mainstream services, work or training.

Keogh Bay would like to thank KMAC for the opportunity to work on this absorbing project and we wish the Kuruma Marthudunera community all the best in achieving their aspirations in 2015.