KBC to undertake Community Skills Audit of Kuruma and Marthudunera Community

Aug 19th 2014

KBC is delighted to announce that we will be working with the Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation to undertake a community skills audit of the K&M community. The project will commence immediately and is due for completion in November 2014.

The Survey will be a hugely important tool in assist K&M people to unlock their capabilities to achieve their objectives in education, employment and business development.

Essentially, the Community Skills Audit is a process used to identify existing educational and skills capabilities in our community and identify individual career aspirations, so as to obtain a benchmark of the K&M community’s current employment, skills and capabilities, and then provide KMAC with an analysis of the education and training programs that are needed so that K&M peoples’ aspirations are realised.

The Survey will consist of interviews with at least 145 members and 60 young K&M people, which will assess the skills and education levels of these individuals.

KMAC’s CEO Franklin Gafney noted that:

“KMAC is looking forward to working alongside KBC, which is a Perth-based firm with extensive experience working with the Indigenous community. Over the last year they have assisted several Aboriginal businesses in their development on a pro-bono basis, and overall pride themselves on their strong focus on cross-cultural projects. Their knowledge and experience will prove enormously beneficial to this important project.

KMAC hopes that this undertaking will assist to increase and improve levels of education and employability among K&M members. Increasing employment levels among any community is the best way to ensure a bright and successful future.”