IBA Indigenous Prequalification Support Program – Pilot


Keogh Bay was contracted by IBA in 2012 to evaluate options for IBA to better support Indigenous businesses that are seeking to work in the resource sector. The study looked at:

The key findings were:

  1. Indigenous contractor participation is low within the resource sector.
  2. Prequalification requirements are different from company to company but generally cover key areas such as HSE, organisational capacity, financial capacity, human resource management and quality assurance.
  3. A mixed bag of government and company support is available to Indigenous businesses but these initiatives are not well targeted and have not historically been effective in enabling large numbers of Indigenous businesses to achieve prequalification.
  4. Indigenous businesses see significant barriers to achieving prequalification (e.g. complexity of process, implementation of new processes, complex language and demands on the time of business owners).
  5. Resource companies also recognised that barriers exist (e.g. fragmented support, perception that Indigenous businesses don’t have capacity to develop and implement management systems, perception that Indigenous businesses are too small and reluctance to use Indigenous businesses at procurement level).

Recommendations to IBA

Indigenous Prequalification Support Program – Pilot

Keogh Bay were subsequently contracted by IBA to develop a Prequalification Toolkit and run a pilot of workshops and mentoring support for a limited number of Indigenous businesses in South Australia and Western Australia.


Next Steps

If you have any queries on the IPSP or Keogh Bay’s prequalification support services then please contact Jonathan Price on jonathanprice@keoghbayconsulting.com.au or on 0423765437.