BSS Employee Assistance – Working with Indigenous Employees

June 04th & 09th 2015

Sandy McEwan and Matt Wrigley of Keogh Bay Training delivered two adapted versions of our Working with Indigenous employees program to BSS Employee Assistance on the 4th and 9th of June.

Keogh Bay tailored our program to help BSS team members gain an understanding of the unique perspectives and pressures that exist for many Indigenous employees in the resource sector. The adapted program took on a range of even more challenging topics than we normally cover including anger, violence and addiction, intergenerational trauma, jealousy and family relationships.

Sandy McEwan, a Banjima person, owner of Keogh Bay and long-time facilitator of Keogh Bay programs shared personal and detailed experiences of his many years in resources with the team. Sandy’s ability to share the tough times in his life with honesty, humour and insight was the key to the program’s success.


Feedback from participants was very positive. Comments included:

  • “The whole program was AMAZING”
  • “It was fantastic. Well done to both presenters. Thanks for sharing so may personal stories.”
  • “Probably the best cultural experience since arriving in Australia”
  • “I like the conversational style and approach – it works!”

Overall feedback is summarized in the chart below.