Slideshow Image 2We believe that work is something to be enjoyed and that being of service is one of the great joys in life. We work not only for the fees our clients pay us but also for the intrinsic reward of doing quality work and solving problems that matter.

A good deal of ‘who we are’ comes from our experiences with Indigenous people and we continue to enjoy the stimulation of working among people with a different perspective and experience of life. We aim to have our working life help address the difficult situations that many indigenous people face. We have seen considerable mutual benefit arise from the relationship between Indigenous people and business and we derive great satisfaction from fostering these benefits through our work. Moments of genuine human engagement and collaboration, against barriers of language, culture, experience and knowledge are what keep us coming back for more.

While strategy work and planning is essential, the intricacy of implementation is where we feel we add significant value. We enjoy the intensive interaction with a wide range of people that arises in implementation and we are convinced that this is where most cross-cultural endeavours succeed or fail.

We take pride in rigorously argued and structured approaches to problems that are often seen as intangible. Our personal integrity is the foundation of our professional relationships.

We do our best to avoid platitudes and the obvious but ineffective route.

In our practice we aim to:

Community Contributions

KBC contributes pro-bono to Aboriginal organisations and businesses. Over the last year we have:

KBC minimises its carbon footprint through: